The Top Plumbing Myths

To the untrained eye, plumbing systems seem simple and easily understood. Many people believe that they understand how plumbing systems work despite limited experience with them.

There are many myths circulating regarding plumbing systems that can lead to problems and this article will expose 5 of the common myths associated with plumbing.

Cape Coral, FL plumbing_servicesUsing a Contractor to Handle Your Plumbing

This occurs more commonly with new home construction or renovations to kitchens and bathrooms, but one of the greatest myths is that plumbing work can be handled by your general contractor.

While many contracts can perform basic plumbing work they don’t have the expertise or experience that professional plumbers have.

Often these issues won’t seem noticeable at first glance, in the future a poorly installed plumbing can be a problem and more noticeable.

Avoid the myth that any professional contractor can install a plumbing system and hire a professional plumber to do the installation the right way.

Chemicals Can Be Used to De-clog Drains

Some people use chemicals to dislodge clogs in their drains. While these chemicals can help to destroy the debris that is clogging your drains, one of the major myths associated with plumbing is that these chemicals can be repeatedly used without ill effects.

Chemicals can corrode the inside of your drains and lead to your pipes deteriorating before they would otherwise do so. Instead, for minor clogs used a plunger or auger to dislodge and for major clogs contact a plumber to de-clog your drains.

Plumbing Systems Need Little Maintenance

Many people will ignore their plumbing system until they have a problem. This is a big myth that can lead to significantly higher expenses in the long-run.

Instead, have a licensed plumber perform an inspection at least once a year on your Cape Coral home plumbing system. Having an inspection performed can lead to the early identification of problems early in the process and can help you to avoid having larger problems in the long-term.

Plumbing Problems are Easy to Diagnose

Some problems associated with plumbing are easy to diagnose but others are mo complex. A clog in your Cape Coral home’s drain may be from food matter but may be from a branch in the pipe or a corroded or collapsed pipe. Only a professional plumber can identify the true cause of the problem and can assist you with identifying the problem.

You Can Address Plumbing Problems Yourself

While people are hesitant to touch their electrical systems for obvious reasons they commonly believe that they can follow a simple online guide to perform plumbing maintenance themselves.

Other than simple surface level drain clogs, plumbing problems should be handled by a professional plumber. Don’t try to do it yourself as the problems can often compound and lead to significant costs and home damage.

Don’t make uneducated assumptions about your Cape Coral, FL home plumbing system. Call Advanced Plumbing & Installations, Inc. at (239) 458-0026 for the quality you deserve.