Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster on Thanksgiving

When it comes to their garbage disposals, many people feel they can’t live without them. However, they often do many things that cause damage to their disposals without even knowing it.

Cape Coral, FL Garbage-Disposal-Services 3.39.59 PMWhether it’s putting the wrong kinds of foods in it, using it as an all-purpose trash can, or using harsh chemicals to clean it, they wind up doing more harm than good to their units.

If you want to make sure this never happens with your Cape Coral home garbage disposal on Thanksgiving, there are several tips you can follow to ensure your disposal stays healthy and happy.

No Grease Down the Drain

When people are cooking meals, they need to get rid of grease, fat, or cooking oil and decide to pour it down the drain into their disposals. But when they do, they have no idea the amount of damage they are causing.

Not only will the grease and oil eventually start to set up like concrete in pipes and drains, but it will also do the same in the blades, gears, and motor of the disposal.

When this happens, expect to call a plumber and have an extensive repair bill as well. Considered some of the hardest clogs to undo, they are unfortunately some of the most common over the holiday season.

It’s Not a Trashcan

While it’s called a garbage disposal, that does not necessarily mean it is designed to accommodate just any type of trash. Made to be used only for biodegradable foods, many disposals instead have anything and everything put in them.

Some of the most common items include cigarette butts, metal cans, glass containers, plastic bottles, and much more.

If these items are put in your Cape Coral home disposal, plan on purchasing a new disposal very soon. These items can break and bend blades, get jammed in the disposal’s gears, and cause motors to work excessively and burn out. Other than most foods, these items should also be thrown away in a trashcan no matter what the situation.

Don’t Grind Large Bones

While turkey bones are in most cases fine to grind up in a disposal so long as they are not very big, many people also choose to put bones from pork and beef down the disposal.

Because these bones are much bigger and thicker, the blades of a garbage disposal cannot grind them up effectively. As a result, they usually wind up bending or breaking blades.

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